Chairman’s Message to Members – December 2016

Communication on implementing the works to improve fish passage up the River Almond continues to be much improved. We have been consulted by the Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS) on the plans to install a fish ladder at Fair a Far Weir ahead of an application for planning permission. The intention is to start work in the coming May. We have pointed out the need for a construction sympathetic with the existing weir and rock-face. The plans include a cut-water designed to divert water from the ladder exit and entrances for both salmon and eels. A presentation of the project will be made at the February Community Council. The project for Dowies Mill where issues remain to be resolved is a completely separate matter. No work is scheduled until 2019 which should allow for proper consultation

The Salvesen Steps – FRAW has taken part in the first meeting with City of Edinburgh Council to take the Steps replacement to the next stage. Work is currently taking place and Consultants are due to report in the New Year on their investigation into structural and environmental matters. This is good progress but of course the main work of finding funding before actual construction can commence starts thereafter. There is therefore still a long way to go and we will remain ‘on the job’.

Work Parties - Our recent focus remains on improving the vistas of the river and we are considering plans to improve the access to the Walkway at Cramond and making the area around Peggy’s Mill more attractive and interesting. Recently we have cut-back the vegetation from Cammo Road to ‘Grotto Bridge’. This had become close to impassable in places. Many of our members and others have suggested that our main priority should be to improve the actual surface of the path which becomes very muddy after any rain. This is not an easy task to tackle as large amounts of material and heavy work are required. We hope to make a start on this in the Spring or even slightly before. To achieve this and more we rely on volunteers and could do with more of them – particularly for path-work and we will be making an appeal for help. Work parties are rewarding for all concerned.

Please join us - there are suitable tasks for all - details on our website.