December Message from our Chairman

Sent out on 1st December 2013 via email

On Wednesday this week we welcomed our 200th Household Member. This is truly a cause for general rejoicing, as numbers are important and add considerable weight to representations made by us. Congratulations to everyone involved and please do not relax on promoting membership – onward ever onward from here!

I hope that we are succeeding in keeping in touch with everyone. We plan to issue a Newsletter prior to the AGM, due in March. In addition, in place of a Committee Meeting in January, we are meeting in the Cramond Brig on Thursday the 23rd at 7.30 for something more social and we hope that as many members as possible will join us for a chat (alas we cannot buy everyone a much deserved drink).

We have always said that our longer-term projects are likely to be of a ‘slow burn’ nature. We would of course wish for more ‘burn’ and less ‘slow’ but there is quite a lot going on at the moment. SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) will soon begin fresh investigations of the weirs, a new survey is about to commence for the replacement of the Salvesen Steps and our tentative promotion of the extension of the Walkway up-river is starting to firm-up.

I am pleased to report that everything else is progressing well with our work parties turning out every month. By now a lot has been achieved and will be fully detailed in our Newsletter. As anyone with a garden knows – the work is never done and much always remains to be tackled. Not everyone is in a position to take part actively and this is completely understood. However there is always room for more participants and the tasks undertaken are not only those suitable for the young and fit (even your Chairman has a go from time to time). Everyone who has taken part has found it not only useful but therapeutic – so have a go. If in doubt, the dates are always available on our website -

With my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Richard Adlington