I am pleased to report that good progress has been made since I reported to you in September. Your Committee has worked hard in a consistent manner and membership now stands at over 100 households. Our funding remains strong, allowing us to buy our own tools.

We now have our own website which has received favourable comment and will be further developed; visit us at -

We are holding an open meeting at the Boat Club on Wednesday 28th November at 7.30. Membership is important to our organisation. In fact little is likely to be achieved unless we can continue to demonstrate solid local support. So please come along if you can, together with anyone else interested. There is quite a lot going on and we would like to discuss it with you and hear your views.

Meanwhile a brief account as to where we are:

Work parties scheduled at monthly intervals are taking place and some results are visible already. This is a long-term endeavour and there is much to be done. Progress should be increasingly apparent as time goes by. Much of the work so far has centred on the removal of invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam and Laurel. By now, quite a lot of our members have taken part – eleven at the last meet. They have put in considerable effort but it has been fun. Please join us if you can in the future.

Two larger concerns that are linked remain ‘work in progress’. We recently asked for members comments on the proposed replacement of the Salvesen Steps and the proposal by SEPA to remove the weirs. There was a very good response to this, reflecting the value that members put on the Almond Walkway. Members were strongly in favour of the first and against the second propositions. All these views are available to see on our website, completely un-edited, save for the removal of identification for the purposes of maintaining confidentiality.

News of the proposed removal of the Weirs came from our Community Council who have done their usual excellent work, together with Cramond Heritage Trust in lobbying against this. We of course have a special interest in the issue, it being very much within our remit. Recently we have met with two of our Local Councillors at the site, which was most constructive. We shall be finding out more and pursuing it further and will keep you updated on progress.

There are a number of other projects for the future. Mentioned previously is the large area of hidden and neglected woodland between Dowies and Fair a Far Mills. The last work party started clearing the area to remove the dreaded Himalayan Balsam but also to open it up so that we can see better what is there. This bit of land is known as ‘Woodland Compartment 3’ by the Council - an unromantic bit of nomenclature. We have failed to come-up with a better name for it. Do you have any suggestions? Please let us know if you have – everything considered but regret no prizes.

Richard Adlington